Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a hoarder

I just realized the sad truth... I am a...a... a hoarder!! Of food only though. And maybe flip-flops. Mainly food. We got an e-mail sent out to our office that there were leftover sandwiches in the break room. Initially I didn't get any because I had a yummy yummy salad from Subway, but after the fifth wilted, disgusting, brown piece of lettuce was dug out of the salad, it didn't look so yummy anymore (NOT impressed Subway, not impressed at all!!). So I went down to see what sandwiches were left. There were only three, two that looked like they were probably chicken salad and one that was probably tuna salad. At first I passed on the sandwiches and just went for the amazing-looking pasta salad (sooo good, but I feel bad for whoever has to talk to me for the rest of the day...they did NOT go light on the garlic!), but then after someone came in and declared the chicken salad to be amazing I snatched one up. So I'm now sitting at my desk with a 1/4 eatten salad, pasta salad (and not a tiny helping either), and half of a (possibly) chicken salad sandwich. Why? Why in the world would I ever need this much food? Especially now that my summer appetite is in full swing (when it reaches 95 degrees it's just too hot to eat! I seldom get hungry in this weather and when I finally do, I could eat an almond and be satisfied). I'll tell you why - I'm a hoarder. I don't know if it's some sort of basic instinctual thing coming out in me or if I'm just selfish. Maybe it's a product of being an only child and never having to share (although I kinda doubt this one...). Or maybe, I'm just weird.

I've noticed this before in the past though. I was even like this even in high school! Going back to the days sitting in Renatos with my friends... when someone asked to have a cheese-fry I would always say yes, then glare the crap outta them when they picked up one that wasn't minimally covered with cheese. It's not like I need this food or even want it all! But here it is sitting on my desk. Don't I know that there are kids in India and Africa STARVING?!?! Hunger is even an issue in this country (is it not an issue anywhere??) but I'm here...being wasteful. Shame on me. I miss the days where I could just walk out the doors of the GSU and head down to the area in front of the Theology building and give my left over food to whichever bum was closest to the street. At least then I could justify ordering a large when I knew I probably wouldn't be able to finish a small.

I'm long past the days of eating out of guilt. I no longer surround myself with, or even associate with, people who will call me anorexic and make me feel bad for not finishing a meal that could clearly feed two people. And I have come to terms with the fact that, yes, Andrew is bigger than me, and therefore should eat more. So why do I still pile on the helpings?!?! Anyone have any insight??

I just gave the sandwich to my co-worker who I think is actually a garbage disposal in disguise. If I'm a hoarder, he's a million times worse! Although better at the same time... he actually eats what he hoardes! So there... I can justify my hoarding for today!!! I got the sandwich so I could give it to him, so he could save the food he brought for lunch and give it to his kids!! See, I knew I had a reason to do it! Oh, and I picked out all the good looking veggies and meat from the salad, but threw-out most of the lettuce. I'm just not into half-decomposed lettuce... call me crazy. So that wasn't a complete bust either!

Now I feel better about myself and can continue on with my day :-)

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