Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Rain

Why do you keep avoiding my house? I see you at work all the time, but then when I invite you over to my house you always so rudely decline. It's only a few miles away!! It wouldn't kill you to make the trip! Are you afraid of my dog?? I promise she's warming up to you more and more... ignore how she treats the sprinklers, they're completely different. Was it something I said? I can promise I never meant to offend you in any way, shape or form. If I did, i sincerely apologize!! I just really want us to get back to how it was in the old days.. like last year, pre-Ike! Things were good then. You'd come visit me, we'd have a great time, then you'd leave before over-staying your welcome. Why can't we be like that again?!?! Please, let me know how I can make it up to you! I miss you...more than you'll ever know.

With all my love,

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